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I’m not the prolific longboarder (skating, not surfing) I once was, but I still love it. And I still lust after sweet boards I see, imagining the perfect quiver full of unique decks for every occasion—downhill, slalom, cruising, urban, etc. Today, I spotted a new deck that’s the perfect combo I’ve been wanting for awhile—shorter (under 40″) with a pintail that’s fast and versatile—The Thirty-Nine deck by Buddy Carr Skateboards. Not only is the shape right, but it’s designed by graphic designer grid guru Antonio Carusone of AisleOne fame.

Holy cats is this a beautiful deck. In a market that’s filled with ugly, obnoxious graphics, along comes a gorgeous, simple, typography-based board like this. It’s so choice. I highly suggest picking one up.

See to the 39 Board featured on Aisleone.net

Buy the 39 Board on BuddyCarrSkateboards.com



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