From Cloud Nine to the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea

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Picture 2

* Once evaporated, a single water molecule spends ten glorious days suspended in mid-air before falling back to earth.

I am a fish-erman more out of necessity than as a matter of choice

my line takes the form of a penis

and catches me nothing but trouble

I reach into the ocean with both arms

trying to ignore sea-space

and join this curious water world

as if I could grow fins and wrestle sharks

speeding long-mouthed and sad through the blue

beyond beds of turtle grass

into coral castles

without a line and with nothing to do but swim fast and deep


until I have reached another unfamiliar end

tossing out my old fins

spiraling into a school where I can forget it all again

as darkness swallows me whole

and I disappear once more

faster, way faster than before

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