Tron Legacy Trailer. (aka 2010 is going to be a very long year)

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tronbiggerMy friends, today is an amazing day. The new Tron Legacy trailer is out. It is amazing. I mean, what really can we say about this? Just watch.

Tron Legacy on Youtube

This trailer gives us a lot more eye candy to look at now—hints at plots and characters. I’m amazed at how beautiful the film and characters look. They’ve found the perfect visual style that updates the rudimentary graphics of the old film. Unlike a movie like Transformers, which completely re-imagined the character designs from the ground up, Tron Legacy shows immense respects for the old film’s aesthetic style. The core design — the essence — of the light bikes, the costumes and the environment all look essentially look the same. (Just a million times better.)


And how about that crazy David Bowie-looking guy playing that weird pipe like an air guitar. Villain perhaps?

Spring is just getting started, and I already can’t wait for December 2010.



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