Cho’s Gettin’ Loose

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ed_lisa_choWho doesn’t love everything about Michael Cho? His stylization of light and shadows, minimalist color, heavy handed ink strokes… instantly recognizable and unique in his own right. We’ve been following the Michael Cho’s Sketchbook for the last four years—getting the behind the scenes play by plays at his convention appearances, the ever impressive one-off editorial illos, an occasional process post and of course all the superheroes.

christmascard-2009-loresBut that’s not what this is about. This is a quick collection of work that we’ve been setting aside while following Cho’s Twitter feed. If you haven’t noticed, he’s been trying his hand at a looser, dry-brushed, gouache and ink direction. And it’s incredible.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve been devouring lately. Keep it up Cho!

cho_satanRay Allenpicasso-lores-choPortrait of Dawit Isaak

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