The Swoosh, The Bézier and The Inspirators

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Not only is Matt Stevens unhealthily obsessed with the trademarked athletic sneaks—he’s spent the last two months illustrating them as part of a two-fer personal project. April was spent creating his “Personal Shoe Museum” (a collection of literally every Nike he’s owned up through the 90’s…illustrated) and Wednesday saw a final post in Matt’s “AirMax1-a-Day Gallery.” Fifteen designers and illustrators were paid tribute by having a Nike illustrated in the likeness of their own recognizable styles.

Here’s just a few of the illustrations along side some work that we nabbed off the associated inspirators’ websites. Solid gold. Check em all out here at his website (without our obtrusive reference croppage).

Inspirator – Frank Chimero

Inspirators – Always With Honor (Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves)

Inspirators – Invisible Creature (Don and Ryan Clark)

Inspirator – The Small Stakes (Jason Munn)

Inspirator – Feltron (Nicholas Felton)

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