The Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City

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The week greeted us warmly with a package in the mail from Brendan Leach. A 36 page comic on newsprint about two brothers hunting pterodactyls in New York, NY, 1904. At first glance the piece is in fact a newspaper from 1904—vol 76 no 318 of The Sun to be exact. Brendan illustrated the cover to look like what would be the front page of a newspaper in the world of The Pterodactyl Hunters. Complete with tie-ins from the story and completely hand-lettered. The best part? .. it’s free. You can find them for free at Desert Island Comics or Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Or if you wanna send Brendan a couple bones for postage, he’ll just mail you one.

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